France: setting standards for Holsteins worldwide

With one of the largest Holstein populations in the world, France is a benchmark for the breed; high production, sustainability and efficient mammary systems.

It is from the top tier of these Holstein herds that Genes Diffusion recruits future breeders meeting the requirements of our selection program.  With over 40 years of experience selecting donors and sires, based on functional and economical traits such as fertility, longevity and udder health, Genes Diffusion has numerous bulls on top of the ISU ranking in France.

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Genetics adapted to all breeding systems

With a goal to meet the expectations of breeders looking for herds that are easy to manage, profitable and sustainable, Genes Diffusion takes “the best where it is”, to provide them with genetics adapted to each farming system: managed grassland, robotic milking or even large herds.

Further, faster and better thanks to genomics

To go deeper in the characterisation of breeding sires, Genes Diffusion has invested in the research of new health traits. Thus, since 2011, the company has developed its own genomic platform "GD Scan" and offers breeders, in addition to national indexes, specific indexes such as:

  • Foot health: wound resistance and hoof robustness
  • Digital dermatitis resistance
  • Ketosis
  • Feed efficiency
Robot de traite pour vache
Robot de traite pour vache
Robot de traite pour vache