Multiple Advantages

Normande cattle rank 3rd for dairy, in terms of numbers, in France.  With multiple advantages, this breed is profitable and sustainable.  Best known for it's rich milk, the Normande breed is sought after by cheese processors and infant milk manufacturers.

Quality milk

Normande breed participates strongly to the fame of the Protected Designtion of Origin -PDO- for milk and cheese "made in Normandy" since it helps the dairy farmers to produce a quality milk:

  • Rich in protein content (Normande has the highest protein % among the dairy breeds in France) and in fat content (high level of components)
  • Rich in nutrients, such as calcium, highly required for infant nutrition
  • Rich with caseins, Normande milk is recognized for its cheese-making aptitude and its digestibility

High Quality Meat

The meat quality and the significant carcass weight enable a good revenue either through culling or fattening. Normande meat is also recognized for its flavor and marbling.

Normande cattle have high feed efficiency and stand out for good fertility, longevity and ease of management.

Genes Diffusion, exclusive partner of Origen Normande genetics

In 2017, Genes Diffusion partnered with Origen Normande, the selection program located in the original source of the breed. To answer all markets demand (Ecologic or grazing systems, more intensive dairy production, polyculture-livestock farming, butcher qualities,..), Gènes Diffusion proposes you the adapted and innovative genetics of Origen Normande, developped closely with its members breeders.

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