Other beef breeds

The genomic advent offering new perspectives in terms of beef selection, Genes Diffusion benefits from now on to be at the cutting edge expertise of selection of bulls from other beef breeds in order to widen its genetic offer and answer all types of customer's demand.

The bulls distributed by Genes Diffusion are recruited in France and internationally. In fact, for each breed, it comes to take the best genetic wherever it's located, either with the reproducing bulls purchase or with embryos production.

The "beef" expertise  of Genes Diffusion is, first and foremost, dedicated to the service of its breeders, to propose them the widest range of beef breeds adapted to each needs:

  • Salers,
  • Aubrac,
  • Rouge des Prés (Maine Anjou),
  • Parthenais,
  • Angus,
  • Beef Simmental,
  • Hereford,
  • Wagyu,
  • Belgian Blue...
Veau Parthenais

For each of the targeted and distributed bulls, Genes DIffusion answers to several fundamental according to the different breed, targets, and type of expected production (intensive, extensive...)

The main selection criterias are:

  • Easy calving, growth and milk ability
  • Meat potential with a better butchery valorization so more thickness on the expensive parts of the carcass