Dairy Breeds

With 25.1 million tons of milk produced each year, France is the 8th largest milk producer worldwide.

Although France is a modest size producer compared to other large dairy countries, the French dairy industry continues to climb the world ranking primarily due to it's ability to create added value in milk processing. According to the 2020 Rabobank ranking, 4 French organizations are included in the Top 20 Most Important Dairy businesses worldwide : Lactalis, Danone, Sodiaal, and Savencia. In addition, France leads in cumulative and value added sales.


The performance of the French dairy industry is expained, in part, by the fact its food chain can rely on a solid producer base with dairy breeders paying close attention to their sustainable production system, providing high content milk, and also realizing the importance of the dairy image portrayed to end consumers.

French farmers utilize a modern and very complete genetic offering made up of bulls with the best possible profiles for:

  • Protein and fat content
  • Milk caseins : for the best optimum milk digestibility and "cheeseability"
  • Functional traits that favour animal longevity

They have the opportunity to produce milk of excellent quality, rich in nutrients, and contribute to the efficient use of milk produced in France for the benefit of a high-performance dairy industry.