The star of beef breeds

With more than 1.6 million cows, including over 200,000 in performance control and 120,000 registered with the Herd Book, the Charolais breed is the largest beef breed in France dedicated to meat production.

Among the beef breeds, Charolais cattle are used worldwide mainly due to its unrivaled growth potential, its docile character and its excellent adaptability to various farming operations.

Charolais is the leader in crossbreeding with its very marked heterosis effect on both dairy and other beef breeds.

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The worldwide leading selection program

Combining progeny evaluation and the GD Scan genomic assessment, Genes Diffusion leads a very reliable Charolais selection program, with very clear targets:

  • Develop a modern Charolais genetics
  • Increase profitability of the livestock farmers

This program allows to the breeders from all over the world to choose sires, according to their own criteria, their needs in 3 main segments:

  • Pure breed renewal - based on maternal traits criteria combined with functional qualities.
  • Production of young bulls in pure breed or in crossing strategy -based on the beef ability production criteria.
  • Production of young calves for veal meat on dairy cows crossing strategy- based on the quality criteria required for the calves meat production.
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