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Genotyping : servicing the breeders

Genes Diffusion GDScan genomic platform, based at Institut Pasteur of Lille, proposes to the international Charolais breeders a genomic evaluation of their herd. Real management tool for the breeders, genotyping brings a clear vision in the genetic value of each animal to catch quick economically driven decisions, on both female and males.

Widening our offer to international markets

Genotyping is today a service available internationally for Charolais. We are assessing to enlarge our offer to others breeds like Normande or Holstein. Adapted to all herds, genotyping allows to determine the animals' potential just after birth and evaluates numberous traits like fertility, health, longevity, carcasss quality...

Increased accuracy for female selection

For your females in dairy or beef breeds, genotyping allows to:

  • Select the best heifers, better accuracy in mating plan to improve the herd management, accelerate the genetic improvement leads to lower renewal costs and better revenues supported by technical performances
  • Obtain reliable indexation of health traits
  • Valorize the genetic capabilities of your herd in case of animals sales for instance
  • Get reliable genetic informations like parental certification, genetic bonus like polled, double muscle gene, or genetic defects like ataxia, blind...

Qualify your Charolais bull

Genes Diffusion uses internally intensively GD SCAN to select its future bulls which stick to market expectations. For breeders it's a safe tool that allow them to choose their bulls according to their selection targets. Male genotyping impact is very important for the herd's future which practices natural mating. More and more breeders are choosing this technique before purchasing their bull. This offers a guaranty for better results and addiitonal help to catch the right decision.

Genomic evaluation in 6 steps

Etapes de l'évaluation génomique